. . TNT Kennels & Training We make time for your beloved friend 27624 Watson Road Abbotsford, BC. V4X 1P4 Call : 604-857-4949 Email time4dogs.ltd@gmail.com Contact Information 7 Days a week Pick Up - Drop Off 8 - 11 am 4 -  6 pm   Hours of Operation Copyright 2012  Time 4 Dogs Web Design and Hosting By TDMHOST.COM Cat boarding: We have four lovely cat condos, two lower and two above them. This allows cats who are more comfortable on the ground to be on the ground, and those who love to observe the world high up to be higher up. Our Condos are away from the dogs so cats can feel nice and secure. The condos are built beside the kitchen, so the cats always can see us! In addition one cat at the time gets to come out and hang out in the kitchen and office with us. Food: To make your pets stay as comfortable as possible, we ask bringing your own food so your cat does not get an upset stomach. Especially, cats are picky eaters and their digestive system is very delicate. If your cat is on medication, please send it along. Bedtime snacks are provided (or bring your own special treats). Health: In order to grantee an healthy environment, we require our guests to be up-to-date on the following vaccines: Rabies, Feline Leukemia, FVRCP We also recommended flea and worming treatment before your dog comes to the kennel. We do accept current positive titer levels. So what to bring? Vaccine records food medication (if your Cat is on any) optional bed/blanket and toys (max.3) 1 Cat: $12/night 2 Cats (together): $18/night $1/day medication fee for difficult to administer medications (eg : Insulin and cats who do not like meds, ect) $1/day for raw food Stays exceeding 14 days recieve a 10% discount Stays exceeding 30 days receive a 15% discount HST will be added to all prices. Subject to change without notice! Boarding information for Cats Rates